Saturday, March 6, 2010

[News] Seungri and G-Dragon Transcript @ Electric Love Tour

Seungri was in charge of being the MC. (Tension was high but so cute.) Their conservation in Japanese:

Seungri : Does everyone love dessert (or confection)?
The VIPs think he will give some candy or chocolate because Valentine's Day is coming so they answered loudly:
VIP : Yeah!!
Seungri : But we all like spicy food! (Laughs)

Seungri :
How is it?
G-Dragon : It's great.
Seungri : What's great? How? (Teases G-Dragon to speak more Japanese more by asking questions)
G-Dragon : ......... (Tries to smile)
Seungri : What?
G-Dragon :
(In an undertone) ..I... I don't know.

A monitor zoomed in on G-Dragon's face.
His expression was "I'm unable to speak Japanese ( > w < )"
Seungri and VIPs : Hahahahaha

Credit: nami24/7 ; Eng translation by tokarroK @ popcornfor2
via shinhdeplol @ soompi

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