Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting? What does your business need

Nothing is more frustrating as a webmaster then waking up to fire in the morning, your browser on your website only one message that you have "Check this site it exceeded bandwidth limits for the month"

It's embarrassing, time consuming and costly, not to mention, if you are missing out on sales.

On the other side of the scale, it can be very expensive to be on a larger web hosting plan or dedicated server and hardly any of the services that it offers.

Well Quality web hosting is not cheap, but you need to balance your business with what you could really afford.

So what web hosting should you use? Good question!

In this article I will be talking about the pros and cons of both shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting packages. At the end of the article, you should an idea of what your online business needs now and what they need when it expands.

Shared> Hosting

! Shared hosting is what most benefit small online businesses. Shared hosting means your site on a server that holds other peoples as well as websites. Your website will not be the only one on this server. Very few small online businesses have the power of a dedicated server.

Most companies offer is a few different types of shared web hosting services. The only difference is usually how much memory you or transfer, how muchPerformance you need.

The best way to show you what the difference between shared hosting services, it is to show you an example.

To hosting plans.php

This is an example of web hosting companies shared hosting services. As you can see, they offer two different types of shared hosting services. Basically, they offer a small and great service.

The main differences between the package is really, how many domainsHost name can be like (how ! many megabytes transferred much that the download) from your w! ebsite, you can have and how much memory (how many files can be stored), you will need.

If you just started online and not available on a website and not sure what you are doing just that to start with a small plan. That is more than enough for a small website or a blog for that matter.

Well, if you run a larger website and provide you with a lot of downloads, for example, say you sell a moregreat ebook, you may need the great service. Suppose you have a 10mb ebook for sale, great service, the company offers to you) would allow about 2,000 downloads have the package before you ran out of bandwidth (transfer.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is for big boys. It is looking for medium to large companies to do a lot of work online. A dedicated server is that you are your own server. You get a dedicated server for your site, theUnlike shared hosting, as you have to share a server.

There are many different packages with dedic! ated hosting, depending on how much money you want. The more resources a server, IE, RAM, disk space, processor speed, the more cost more.

You can see that a dedicated server you can do much more space and transfer allowance. It also allows you unlimited domain names. Dedicated servers are also known to be much more stable and allow you to more control over your site and are perfect for a professional image.

There are two types of dedicated servers ....

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting provides you with the support of a technical team looking after your server. All the updates and technical side of things for you. They will carry out routine maintenance work, without asking you. Managed Hosting, as always, does a lot more than usually un-managed.

Un-managed> Hosting

Un-Managed hosting is not as less support, as it sounds. Most do dedicated servers come with technical assistance and routine ! maintenance, but no support questions will be more likely to c! ost extr a. If you need something in addition to your server, you must pay a fee in the maintenance is. Restart your server should also be free of un-managed dedicated hosting.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Another thing you need to consider whether or notYou want multiple domain names with your hosting package is a host. Both shared hosting and dedicated hosting you can afford to do so. Many stocks hosting services now allow.

I always recommend using a web host that you have multiple domain names can have with your one account. It really is the problem of multiple hosting accounts for different domain names.

Other Things To search

Other things to thinkWhen looking for a web hosting company is what you want to do with your site.

Do you need a lot of technical assistance? If so, look for a hosting company with live 24 / 7 support. Do you want to create a blog, or a lot of blogs? Th! en you have to see if your Web hosting company that allows you to setup multiple MySQL databases.

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